Now Is The Start

Exercise Procrastination: A Poem
Today’s the day
The time is here
Get up and get moving 
Don’t wait for next year
The happiness felt
When you push yourself more
When your lungs are on fire
When your sweat drips to the floor
When your arms feel like jello
When your feet need a break
When your whole body’s burning
When you’ve had all you can take
It’s always worth it
You’ll never regret
The time you spent working
And pushed through one more set
The aches and the pains 
Won’t last for too long
Because tomorrow you’ll be better
And you’ll be twice as strong
Just take the first step
Towards a happier you
A healthier lifestyle
More determination, too
Whether you walk, run or skip
It doesn’t have to be far
Just get up and get moving
Time to set your standards higher
Grab a friend, brother or sister
Bring your partner or your dog
Having others exercise with you
Helps it not seem as long (or hard)
Don’t wait till tomorrow
Stop changing the date
Now is always the best time
Healthy living shouldn’t wait
Your legs will be strong
Your arms will be lean
Your core will be solid
Your body a machine
Your lungs will say “thank you”
Your mind will be brighter
Your heart will be happy
Your soul will be wiser
For once you can realize
That exercise’s real first step 
Is believing you can do hard things
It’ll get you through one more rep

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