Beginners Motivation

What was the first thing that got you started running or exercising?
Maybe you didn’t like what you saw in the mirror
Or the doc said you needed to take better care of your heart and body
Whatever the reason – I’m glad you did!
For me, my reason that I started running was a boy. 
Yes, a boy.
Cliche? Perhaps. 
It did get me up and out the door every day though
I met him in a different city at a health fair. We chatted. He was cute.
“You should come run a race with me! We could do a short one…a 5k?”
I’d love to! When? 
“There’s one in two months down in St. George. Meet me there?”
Totally! It’s gonna be great.
Not realizing what I had said till after I left and remembering that I hadn’t run in about 6 years
I didn’t panic
I laughed at myself. 
Run a 5k in two months? That was kinda stupid. 
But he’s really cute so it’s going to be totally worth it. Right?
That night, I went out and bought a new pair of running shoes. Saucony Guide 6. Great shoes.
Come 5am, I was out the door.
Just finish one mile – that’s all I can do today. It doesn’t matter how fast or slow I go, I just need to finish. Don’t stop till I’ve finished.
For the next few weeks, I ran four times a week with that same mentality – it doesn’t matter how fast or slow I go as long as I finish; don’t stop till you’re finished. I slowly added on miles and speed to my daily runs till my cardio was such that I could run a 5k at a constant pace without stopping (huge for someone who grew up hating running).
Two months passed. The day before the race I drove down to St. George, Utah, to where the 5k was being held and called up the boy whom I had met a few months before.
No answer.
No worries – I figured I’d meet him at the starting line.
Morning came. I checked in and pinned on my number, nerves made me shake which made pinning the number on even worse. The gun went off; the runners jerked forward and filed through the starting gate. 
I found my pace. I focused on only myself. I fought to stay where I was in the race. 
Sweaty and heart pounding, I crossed the finish line placing 11th in my age category – a HUGE accomplishment for me! Where was the boy? I never saw him. But I didn’t care…I was much more happy running than I was thinking about this guy. After celebrating with fellow racers and stretching out, I headed back to my car and drove the 3 hour car ride back home, the entire time with a huge smile on my face. 
I’ve never seen him again but I’ve always been super grateful that some random, cute, chiseled guy encouraged me to impress him…which, in turn, ended up as me impressing myself more. 
And I love that feeling. 
It’s what keeps me going every day.
What keeps you going?

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