Play Time

One of my absolute favorite blogs about overall healthy living was created and is managed by my good friend, Robin. It’s called Thank Your Body. One reason I love it? She integrates her knowledge of somatics, kinesiology and health to create simple things to do to remind you throughout the day that you’re human 🙂 

She wrote this a while back and I’ve loved it…especially as I progress in my exercising!

The Power And Benefits of Play – read the whole article here:

It’s good to have determination and work hard; to push yourself and sweat up a storm. HOWEVER it’s also hugely important that we remember to play. It’s great for you psyche – to work though good and bad emotions and learn how to channel them; it’s great for your brain – to use imagination for out-of-the-box solutions to problems or to create something; it’s great for your body – remember how all the games you played as a child included running or exercising of some sort?

Kick the Can, Stinky Sardines, Murder in the Dark, Hide and Seek, Tag…

Notice any similarities? 

Mix up your workout routine and add in some “play” every now and then! Your body (and your mind) will thank you. Need some play ideas? Here you go:
80’s aerobics 
Paddle boarding 
Dance off party
Water aerobics
Tai Chi (I personally love this one)
Polynesian dance – it’s a serious leg work out, trust me
Tandem biking

Something. Anything. Just get up and MOVE {and have fun!} 

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