Happy Trails

First official trail run of the season – wahoo! I know, I know. It’s a little late. I’ve been in recovery mode and just barely am back up to where I need to be for ultra season training! Super excited to do my first ultra 

The weather was perfect. Not too hot. Even though it was overcast there was zero humidity. Add in the light breeze and it’s just the way I like it! 

Started running at the river bottoms by my aunts house. Fairly flat course, not too tricky to run. I took my somewhat new Brooks Pure Grit 2 trail shoes and they were amazing. For sure love those guys. 

My view running around Pineview dam – and by around I mean through the river bottoms. So beautiful! If you look close, you can see Snowbasin ski resort. 

Took the dogs out on the run with me. Keeda and Shadow were so happy to be out.
For protection.
For fun.
Because they love it.
And because they keep me going.
Some of my absolute BEST running buddies have been dogs and I’m pretty sure it’s because they keep going/pushing you along as well as throw in elements of fun and discovery along the way. Isn’t that the way that running should be? 
By the time we reached this bridge, I had completed 4 miles. My legs felt great, my lungs were fine, and my feet were happy, so I kept pushing myself. 

Up, up, up the mountain we went! Blazing a trail in familiar territory was SO MUCH FUN. I knew where I was headed – my family’s cabin – but I ran as the crow flies instead of along the road. The terrain totally changed – the river bottoms were pretty dusty and some wood shavings from beavers, climbing up the mountain was full of shale, loose dirt, huge boulders/roots and a few streams. 

I had to fill up my water a few times (I had left my hydration pack at home and was kicking myself for it). I did pack a few Picky Bars, Gu chomps and the key to my cabin where I finished my run. 

 Once I hit these dirt/gravel roads I knew exactly where I was and was more ok with adventuring by myself. Most of the climbing up the face of the mountain was walking/hiking with some jogging. Keeda and Shadow were so happy to have a small break from running. It also gave them time to get into a little trouble! We found a few rattlesnakes and a porcupine. What fun we had…

Made it up to one peak by Causey Reservoir. Beautiful view.  

The last climb before heading back down to my cabin. The road was full of rocks , bushes, grass and was super steep – for sure had to be careful with my footing so I didn’t hurt myself.

All in all, my body handled it well. Props to Athleta, Lulu Lemon and Brooks to getting me up the mountain and keeping me going!

18 miles total. It was a killer run! Did my best to not overdo anything and listen to my body – I ran when I felt ok to run and walked when I felt I needed it, not when I wanted to run. Once I climbed back down to my cabin, I stretched, rolled my muscles out and ate like a queen before driving a 4-wheeler back to my aunts house. 

Was it hard? Oh yeah. Was it long? Definitely. Did I love it? Most of the time.
Was it worth it? OF COURSE. Exercise is always worth it.


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