Plank it out!

Summer is here and even if you’ve been doing all you can to get that swimsuit body ready – you’ve gotta keep it up! One of my favorite ways to keep your tummy bikini ready? PLANKS!

Here’s a few you can do each morning to kick off your day and get your blood pumping! Do each about 

**To add difficulty to ANY of these, put your legs up on a chair or hang them on resistance bands. You can also do all of them on your hands instead of elbows**

“Regular” plank:
Make sure your belly button is pulling in and up towards your spine, keep your back in a neutral position, don’t sink your head into your shoulders, keep glutes/abs engaged. Hold for 30sec-1min.

“The Rocker” plank:
While holding a regular plank position, slowly rock forward and back on your toes, initiating the movement from your shoulders. Remember to keep those abs engaged and holding your core in place! This will add just a little different workout to your center. It’s a small motion, but it works a lot! Once forward and back is ONE rep. Do 12 of ’em.

“Up/Down” plank:
Starting on your elbows, moving one arm at a time, switch from R elbow to R straight, L elbow to L straight, R straight to R elbow, L straight to L elbow. So you’re constantly rotating an up/up, down/down pattern. AFter you do 12 reps starting with one arm, do 12 more starting with the other.

“Push-up/mountain climber/Spiderman” plank:
Mountain Climber-In a plank position, do a tricep pushup (elbows hugging/tracking against your body) and upon returning back to the plan position, bring the R knee in front of your body towards the R shoulder, hinging at the hip, and return to plank. Do another pushup, this time bringing in the L knee to the L shoulder and return to plank. This is ONE rep.
Spiderman-in a plank position, do a regular pushup – on the way down (when your elbows are bent), hinge at your hip and bring your R knee to the outside of your R shoulder towards your R elbow. Press up back into the plank position and repeat on the L side. This is ONE rep.

Do 12 reps of one, 6 reps of each, or mix it up however you want to!

“Hippy Dippy” plank:
ON YOUR ELBOWS, from the plank position, rotate your spine to tap the R hip down on the floor and return to center, then rotate to tap your L hip on the floor and return to center. Keep your abs and glutes engaged! This is ONE rep. Do 12!


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