Growing pains? Not here.

We’re a new little blog. And that’s ok. 

What One Foot, Two Foot is, is a collaboration of friends thoughts who all love sharing exercise and healthy living tips and inspiration to get people moving and loving the body they live in.

Because we’re new, there are some changes going on.

Big changes!

Get excited, people. 

We’re growing. Expanding. Reaching out to new territory. This kind of growing doesn’t involve any pain. Trust me. 

In the next few weeks, it’s gonna be huge. And you’re going to love it! I guarantee it. 


Monday’s Motivation – The Hoyt’s Race

Found this. Love this. Totally gave me goosebumps.

So many great things to gather from this video; from what’s said, what’s felt and what you learn is truth surrounding their motivation for doing what they do.

This dad is amazing. This son is amazing. They’re both proof that the goodness of the human heart is larger and more powerful than most people give ourselves credit for – and you can see exactly how it’s helped them get through the physical trials of racing as well as the limitations of Rick Hoyt’s son.

They set the standard for determination and perseverance.

Favorite quotes:

I still experience the same wonderful feelings I felt on our very first race. If I had to sum up all I’ve learned by competing in long distance events is that it all boils down to “yes, you can” and “never, never give up.” – Rick Hoyt, born with a severe form of cerebral palsy


Recovery Mode

If you’re like me, I have a really hard time not running at all when I’m in recovery mode. Yeah, you can do other exercises and that’s great and all…but there’s just something about running. One friend made a recommendation and now it’s my favorite go-to when I’ve got to take a break from running. And depending on your injury, it’s totally doable. 

Running in the pool. 

Yes. Still running. Just more weightless. 

It’s an awesome workout, it’s great cardio and still fills that runners fix that you need. Plus, it keeps you extra cool on those hot summer days! Weightless workout. Awesome. 

Really guys, you should give it a try sometime. It’ll rock your socks.

Next time I need to run while in recovery mode…you can bet that this is what I’ll be doing. For at least two more weeks. 

Hello Better

For the most part, my running battle wounds have only consisted of chafing and black toenails. Neither are very fun. Chafing is THE WORST thing ever. Hands. Down. 

When I took my shoes off from a run two weeks ago, I discovered another black toe. Curses. I knew exactly what I needed to do. Time to buy new shoes!! 

I’ve been running in the Saucony Kinvara 4 and I love them. They’re light weight, have a great fit and provide the arch support and cushioning that I need. When it comes to feet, because I spent so many years dancing barefoot, my feet are wide. No two feet are alike, which makes sense because my right foot is more wide than my left and my left foot is longer than my right. Strange, right? Pretty sure it’s normal…kind of. Even though I had been buying shoes slightly larger for running (as recommended you should), my left foot was still getting black toes. 

The shopping process began the next day. I thought about buying a third pair of the Kinvara 4 (yes, I have two – one of the 3 series and one of the 4) but I decided to branch out. I had recently purchased a pair of Brooks Pure Grit 2 trail running shoes which I also love. After reading several reviews of shoes from running magazines, runners blogs, tweets and customers, I settled on buying the new Newton EnergyNR shoes ( and this time, I ordered a half size larger than I normally buy.

My first run in the Newton Energy was amazing. Literally. Maybe it was because I had taken a small break from running to recover from an old in jury that flared up; maybe it was because I was so excited to get back out and run again. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s because these shoes are amazing. I literally could have run all day in them. The Newton Running motto is “Hello Better” and let me tell you…it’s completely true. When you combine good form with great shoes, you can only be great. The way that the Newton shoe is crafted encourages/helps good form and promotes healthier running techniques.

They’re cushy but not too much, they’ve got support and they help me be true to a mid-foot strike. How awesome is that?! 

I’ve since run in them several times, each time loving how my feet and my entire body feel during the run. No more black toes. I still love my Kinvara 4, don’t get me wrong. I will, however, be a Newton fan for life. You guys rock. They are definitely worth the money and I TOTALLY look forward to trying other shoes from Newton Running! 

Little 10k victories

The 4th of July is my absolute favorite holiday!

Fresh veggies and fruit, family and friends, BBQs or fire pits, fireworks and…races!

This year, I talked my family into running with me. My mom, brother, sister, sister-in-law and cousin walked/ran the 5k. My brother-in-law and I did the 10k. All of my other siblings/family who were there cheered us on at the finish line. 

It was so much fun! And a little more difficult than I had anticipated. 

For starters, it had rained all night before, so instead of the dry Utah heat I’m use to, it was humid. SO hard for me to breathe in that! 
Second, the first 5 miles were all uphill. Never very fun.
Third, I was in the middle of recovering from an injury, so even though I wanted to push myself more than what I did, my realistic side kept fighting off my competitive side. My left ankle – the injured one – had KT tape supporting it as well as a compression sock. Kind of weird to run with only one on. 

It wasn’t my best race, for sure. That being said, it wasn’t my worst either. I found someone to run with – Marve, age 72, average mile pace 9:15. She’s competed the Boston marathon three times, the St. George marathon 11 and organizes marathons all across Utah. What a woman! We stayed together and talked for a good few miles till she finally started running faster than I’d allow myself.

I crossed the finish line at 51:32. I finished 6th from last out of 40 people. When I first finished, I was upset with myself because I felt I didn’t do my best. I complained to my mom about it. She and everyone else was there, cheering me on and encouraging me to run hard through the last 100 feet. 

She gave me a hug and said, “You’ve done well by your standards for today. With where your body is, your ankle being hurt, you did an amazing job. Take the credit that you deserve.”

I’ve got a great mom. She’s always helping me realize that the small victories are always worth celebrating. 

All in all, it was a great day. And a great race 🙂

Athlete and Single

Totally describes me – does it sound familiar? 

One thing I’ve learned about being single is that dating either sucks or it doesn’t. There’s really no middle ground. And it’s even worse when you’re picked up and asked the question, “Well, what do you want to do?” YOU’RE SUPPOSE TO HAVE IT FIGURED OUT BEFORE YOU PICK ME UP.
The more active I’ve become, the more I run, the more I appreciate active dates. All too often, I’ve done the dinner and a movie combo. Not too bad, but I’d like to get to know you on the date. I don’t want to just sit next to you in silence as we goo over Brad Pitt or Jessica Alba on the silver screen. 
Maybe you need some date ideas that are more active? We all do, right? Right!
Here’s a list from peerFit of four fitness dates that I think sound pretty great! There is one thing missing…I’d totally add a #5 of going on a run together. Super fun, especially if you go new places or end up at a park. It’s great! 
1) Rock climbing
2) Kayaking/ canoeing 
3) Hiking
4) Ice skating (wintertime, of course)
Read the post for more details!