Athlete and Single

Totally describes me – does it sound familiar? 

One thing I’ve learned about being single is that dating either sucks or it doesn’t. There’s really no middle ground. And it’s even worse when you’re picked up and asked the question, “Well, what do you want to do?” YOU’RE SUPPOSE TO HAVE IT FIGURED OUT BEFORE YOU PICK ME UP.
The more active I’ve become, the more I run, the more I appreciate active dates. All too often, I’ve done the dinner and a movie combo. Not too bad, but I’d like to get to know you on the date. I don’t want to just sit next to you in silence as we goo over Brad Pitt or Jessica Alba on the silver screen. 
Maybe you need some date ideas that are more active? We all do, right? Right!
Here’s a list from peerFit of four fitness dates that I think sound pretty great! There is one thing missing…I’d totally add a #5 of going on a run together. Super fun, especially if you go new places or end up at a park. It’s great! 
1) Rock climbing
2) Kayaking/ canoeing 
3) Hiking
4) Ice skating (wintertime, of course)
Read the post for more details!

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