Hello Better

For the most part, my running battle wounds have only consisted of chafing and black toenails. Neither are very fun. Chafing is THE WORST thing ever. Hands. Down. 

When I took my shoes off from a run two weeks ago, I discovered another black toe. Curses. I knew exactly what I needed to do. Time to buy new shoes!! 

I’ve been running in the Saucony Kinvara 4 and I love them. They’re light weight, have a great fit and provide the arch support and cushioning that I need. When it comes to feet, because I spent so many years dancing barefoot, my feet are wide. No two feet are alike, which makes sense because my right foot is more wide than my left and my left foot is longer than my right. Strange, right? Pretty sure it’s normal…kind of. Even though I had been buying shoes slightly larger for running (as recommended you should), my left foot was still getting black toes. 

The shopping process began the next day. I thought about buying a third pair of the Kinvara 4 (yes, I have two – one of the 3 series and one of the 4) but I decided to branch out. I had recently purchased a pair of Brooks Pure Grit 2 trail running shoes which I also love. After reading several reviews of shoes from running magazines, runners blogs, tweets and customers, I settled on buying the new Newton EnergyNR shoes (http://www.newtonrunning.com/shop/womens-running-shoes/women-energy-trainer-blue) and this time, I ordered a half size larger than I normally buy.

My first run in the Newton Energy was amazing. Literally. Maybe it was because I had taken a small break from running to recover from an old in jury that flared up; maybe it was because I was so excited to get back out and run again. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s because these shoes are amazing. I literally could have run all day in them. The Newton Running motto is “Hello Better” and let me tell you…it’s completely true. When you combine good form with great shoes, you can only be great. The way that the Newton shoe is crafted encourages/helps good form and promotes healthier running techniques.

They’re cushy but not too much, they’ve got support and they help me be true to a mid-foot strike. How awesome is that?! 

I’ve since run in them several times, each time loving how my feet and my entire body feel during the run. No more black toes. I still love my Kinvara 4, don’t get me wrong. I will, however, be a Newton fan for life. You guys rock. They are definitely worth the money and I TOTALLY look forward to trying other shoes from Newton Running! 


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