Recovery Mode

If you’re like me, I have a really hard time not running at all when I’m in recovery mode. Yeah, you can do other exercises and that’s great and all…but there’s just something about running. One friend made a recommendation and now it’s my favorite go-to when I’ve got to take a break from running. And depending on your injury, it’s totally doable. 

Running in the pool. 

Yes. Still running. Just more weightless. 

It’s an awesome workout, it’s great cardio and still fills that runners fix that you need. Plus, it keeps you extra cool on those hot summer days! Weightless workout. Awesome. 

Really guys, you should give it a try sometime. It’ll rock your socks.

Next time I need to run while in recovery mode…you can bet that this is what I’ll be doing. For at least two more weeks. 


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