Monday Motivation – Heart & Soul

Running is SO much more than just continuously moving your legs. I totally love this quote that my friend Tim shared with me.

Running or exercising for the sake of exercise is great – it can help manage/maintain your weight, keeps you feeling healthy and gets you outside.

However, the people who really get the most out of each workout are those who understand that running isn’t just about keeping a steady pace, adding miles or doing intervals. They know that for the absolute best results in any workout come from totally implementing your ENTIRE self – heart, mind and soul – into your running. Once you’re able to do that, the task is no longer mundane; the pain isn’t unbearable; the satisfaction upon finishing is so much sweeter…all because you are molding who you are and using that to directly improve your level of performance. If you want to change only your body, exercise. If you want to change your entire life, become a runner.

Thanks, Tim, for today’s motivational tip!



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