Monday Motivation – liquid awesome

It’s Monday. You either hate that it’s the start of a new week, love that it’s the start of a new week…or you don’t really care at all. The worst thing about a Monday? Finding the motivation for a morning workout. So what happens when you can’t get out of bed to do crossfit? Or your legs are “too tired” to go for a run?

Well, try these –

Remember this:


And this


And how much happier when you find your happy place before work


So put on your favorite workout clothes, brag about mileage, and strut your stuff


When you think you’ve gone far enough because your poor little feet hurt, remember this:


And when you worry about sweating before work, don’t forget:


And who doesn’t need more awesome? Get more awesome – be more awesome.

Wake up, stretch, pull on your running shoes and say:



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