Training, New Gear and Ultra Motivation

I FINALLY signed up for my very first ultra marathon.

I pressed, “Submit and Pay”

Huge amounts of “This is gonna be SO AMAZING! Super excited!”

And, “What the hell was I thinking?!”

Good news – the ultra is at the beginning of December and the race is at sea level. Totally helped calm my sliver of “I’m an idiot.” Training at home will be great. I live at an elevation of 4,700ft and majority of my trail runs start at 5,000ft and head up to 11,000ft, so I figure that’ll help with my endurance.

Even so, as my piano teacher always said, “perfect practice equals perfect performance.” This past week – training week numero uno – was fun. Really! I like running, especially when I get new gear that I’ve been waiting for!

  • Monday – 6mi
  • Tuesday – yoga
  • Wednesday – 8mi (with my new Ultimate Direction hydration pack-the Wink. Though it wasn’t my first choice from their collection, it’s one of the only ‘women’ packs they’ve got and it’s great! Lots of zip pockets for stashing gels, bars, phones, toilet paper, whatever. The pack stays up on your shoulders/back and does’t bounce around. The S-shaped straps make it a great fit for women. Highly recommend it to anyone who’s looking)
  • Thursday – taught bootcamp, circuits and did TRX with some running buddies
  • Friday – 12mi at a steady pace (ran with my Wink pack again. New product today was ENERGYbits as an alternative to GU or Clif Blocks for energy. I did the mistake of smelling them before taking them-they’re made with Algae, so they don’t exactly smell appetizing. Once you get past the smell though, they’re a great, natural and healthy boost to be used before/during your runs. Check them out here.BSZk13vCYAArba3
  • Saturday – 8mi with the last 2 miles as sprint drills. Followed this one up with yoga for runners. If you don’t do yoga and you run, YOU NEED TO DO YOGA. It’s not just for granolas or women – guys, if you want to improve your game you seriously need to get in on this!
  • Sunday – rest day! Woot! Every single athlete needs a day to rest their body to recoup for running the next week. I’ll probably go on a walk, stretch, maybe some yoga, and do mental prep.

It may not seem like I’m doing a ton. Trust me, for where I am now, I’m right where I want to be. Each week I’ll add mileage, hills, sets/drills and change up the elevation that I run at. December is a few months away and though my ultimate goal for the ultra marathon is to survive (when you think about it…I’m pretty sure those who run ultras never ask you what your time was but they just ask you if you finished), I’m doing everything I can now so that when race day comes I can not only survive but kill the course without killing myself 🙂

Every now and then, on long runs or when little thoughts of doubt start to bleed into my mind, I’ll whip out motivational quotes I’ve collected on my phone. They’re not always the pep talk kind of quote, just something that’ll keep me going. Here’s my favorite from this week – so great:




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