Monday Motivation – Progress Is Progress

Monday Motivation - Progress Is Progress

Lots of my friends who start running or exercising are often ashamed about where they start. They feel bad about themselves for starting at their own level 1 and not being able to jump right in to where everybody else seems to be.
With all the instant gratification that our world swims in today, it can be discouraging to experience some things (like exercise) where the desired end results are not immediately reached after day one.
Don’t give up! Keep going. I starts small – doing one more pushup than the day before, running half a mile more than the last run, not being as out of breath at the end of the week. I promise though, you’ll get there, wherever “there” is for you. Progress is progress. Don’t short change yourself. Take pride in the achievements you do acquire and use them as motivation for your next goal!
Don’t be afraid or have shame about moving forward slowly. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Instead, have fear for standing still and not wanting or trying to progress.
You got this.
Go punch today in the face.


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