The Day I Became A #sweatpink Ambassador

For starters, I don’t believe in bad days. There are good days and great days – never ‘bad’ ones. That’s just my belief. Mainly because you choose whether or not it’ll be good or great. That also means that you choose if you’re going to let the things that happen during the day influence you to choose to have it be a bad day. There are bad things that can happen and we can decide if it’ll taint the entire day or just that piece of it. Confused? I’ll write more about it soon.

So. Now that that’s explained…it was a great Monday. Why was it so great?

  • Started the day off with yoga & TRX
  • Had a delicious breakfast (avocado & tomatoes on whole wheat toast)
  • Hit every green light on my way to work (ka-ching!)
  • Finished all my work projects early
  • Learned my sister and brother-in-law are moving back to Utah
  • My new Lululemon Bitty Bracer bra finally came in the mail (I’ll write a quick review on this later-all you need to know right now is that I love it. One of the best sports bras I’ve had)
  • Found $20 in my back pocket
  • New pair of Newton Running Shoes came – LOVE these guys
  • After work I was meeting up with a friend I hadn’t seen in years for a trail run

Sounds like an overall great day, right? Right! I got home and changed to go running. While heading out the door, I was skimming through emails on my phone and read, “Sweat Pink Ambassador – welcome to the team!” Honestly, when I first read it, I thought I had read it wrong. I had submitted the application form to be a Sweat Pink Ambassador about a month earlier and hadn’t heard anything, so I for sure did a double-take! Read through the email. Giggled with excitement. Started my car with a HUGE smile on my face. Turned the radio on and this song was playing:

Went and picked up my friend Jess, told her about my new Sweat Pink adventure and the rest of the car ride consisted of us brainstorming what gear/clothes I could buy that are hot pink. You know, to match the awesomeness of it all. We got to to trail, singing and dancing along to the radio, and began the 12 mile loop. With our dance backgrounds combined with a great day, great news, the excitement of seeing each other and the songs stuck in our heads, there were moments during the run that were kinda like this:

Yes, we may have skipped, grooved, body-rolled and cartwheeled numerous times. And yes, we’d stop, strike a pose, and sing to the valley from the side of the mountain. You know, keeping things fun on the trail. I just hope it was quality entertainment for the houses that backed the trail.


So now I get a sweet badge on the side of my blog (see?) and I have mass connections to other fitness ladies in the exercise world. They’re all super supportive, willing to help, comfortable to ask any questions and love every level of exercise. It’s great 🙂 And I’m convinced that I actually do run faster in pink shoe laces. FAmantramailer01

Best day ever? This year…pretty much. It was amazing.

{and I recommend that you all try dance walking at some point-it’s actually very freeing}


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