Running on Empty…on Vacation

Let’s be honest. Who works out while on vacation?! Well, I do. Maybe I’m slightly different from others – whenever I’m on vacation, I always do some kind of workout. ALWAYS. Regardless of how much fatty, greasy foods I’ve ingested, how much my sugar intake has increased or how much sleep I’ve lost. It can be killer! Sometimes, vacation means taking a break from my regular eating habits, which totally comes back to bite me in the butt when I realize mid-run that my tank is literally empty. And though it’s empty, I keep pushing myself without totally ruining myself.

Thing is, even though it may be a shorter run and my pace slows down and I had to literally drag myself out of bed to get going, I never regret running while on vacation. Even if it’s one mile or a 15min leg/butt/core workout followed by stretching, I never regret being active while on vacation.

It’s a great way to start your day! To get up, get moving and not feel like a blob just lying in bed. It’s also cleansing – gets the junk you’ve stuffed into your body moving, pushes toxins out of your body and gives your brain/emotions a quick pick-me-up for the day! I don’t drink, but the friends I’ve roadtripped with who DO drink say that making a run or some kind of workout happen the next morning helps with the detox process of getting the alcohol out of their system. They call it their “margarita mile.”

Just came back from a quick trip up to Washington to see my new niece. My brother and sister-in-law live 5 min from her family, and since they have a huge house, that’s where I stayed. It’s a farm house that sits at the front of over 700 acres of tart cherries, sweet cherries, peaches, apples and asparagus. Their farm is surrounded by other farms, and those farms are surrounded by more farms…you get the picture. Got there Friday and of course we stayed up late, eating ice cream and all sorts of junk. Delicious junk, that is 🙂

I had packed my running stuff as well as a few other things (roller stick and TRX bands) to use while there. My brother’s in-laws would roll their eyes any time I said I was headed out to run in the morning. I’m training for an ultra marathon in December and then aiming for a 50 miler in 2014, so I’ve gotta train! I’d start at 5:30am, not too early, and head out on the backroads of the orchards and surrounding farms. I love running in the clean air on brisk mornings on the dirt roads. It’s cathartic.

Saturday morning – 10 miles at a faster pace (I live 4,000ft higher up than here).

photo[2] Monday morning – easy 8 miles, yoga and TRX in the cherry trees

photo[3] Super pretty run through the vineyard

photo[4] Sweating pink all the way 🙂

Sunday evening walk with the family through the orchard hills. SO beautiful.

photo[7] Monday afternoon – boating! Swam across the dam, arms got a good workout wake boarding, volleyball on the beach, nap (soooo needed) and a little vinyasa flow to warm up (didn’t realize till I was there that my shorts matched my sweatshirt).

photo[5] Did I mind that people there thought I was crazy? Nope. Did I love their reactions when I’d answer their questions of what I was training for? Totally. Is working out worth it while on vacation? Stupid question. Should you exercise while on vacation? In some form or another (stretching, walking, biking, kayaking, hiking, running, yoga, frisbee, hola hooping – whatever), yep. I highly recommend it. You won’t feel like too much of a couch potato when the vacation ends and getting back into your running routine won’t be as difficult 🙂


One thought on “Running on Empty…on Vacation

  1. There is NOTHING I look forward to on vacation than early morning running, exploring a new area. Starts each day off right, and keeps me energized. Plus, you find things that you would have never found while vacationing that come in handy later while playing tourist.

    Some of my most memorable runs have been on cruise ships and on the beach. You’re doing it right!

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