Monday Motivation – Go Big or Go Home

Monday Motivation - Go Big or Go Home

This is one of my favorite quotes about Mondays.

Who likes Mondays, anyway? Yes, it’s the start of a new week. Yes, it usually means you’re back to the 9-5 desk job. Yes, it’s probably everyone’s least favorite day of the week.

I’m a little different – I love Mondays. Seriously. LOVE them. Why?

  • It’s the start of a new week, so it gives you a fresh start with EVERYTHING. Exercising, owning projects at work, talking to that cute boy or girl on the bus, winning your friends at frisbee golf or knitting a new sweater without a giant hole in it…everything.
  • Depending on what you do on your weekend, you’re recharged and ready to go on Monday. Granted, if you go out and party hard till the wee hours of Monday morning, it’ll come back to bite you in the butt.
  • Because it’s at the beginning of the week, there’s usually some kind of, “Ok, I got this.” Start your week off positive-end your week positive.
  • Mondays really aren’t the worst. Think about it: Monday you’re charged from the weekend, Wednesday is hump day, Thursday means you’ve got one more day and Friday is basically the weekend. What does that mean? Tuesday really is the worst day of the week. Hate Tuesdays instead.
  • Mondays are a chance to build on the progress you made the following week or over the weekend. It’s a new platform that’s one step closer to where you want to be physically, mentally, emotionally, etc. Climb that platform and own that step!
  • Bragging rights. This quite explains why. A friend of mine always says that if you don’t look forward to Mondays in some form or another, it means you didn’t live your weekend right because you’ve got nothing exciting to tell people.

So, folks. Mondays are awesome. And IF you go on amazing adventures over the weekend-live Saturday and Sunday without inhibitions, trying new things and exploring new places, pushing yourself to new limits-you’ll have something to look forward to every Monday (mainly to brag to your friends). I promise.

Making your weekends count makes each Monday something that you’ll actually look forward to.

Live it up. Give yourself something to build on, something to be proud of. Make your Monday proof that you didn’t kill yourself by challenging yourself. Go big or go home.


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