Throwback Thursday-Running Lens

It’s Thursday…time to throw things back! To last September, at least.

I take my phone with me when I run. Mainly because I run by myself majority of the time, so it’s a precaution in case anything were to happen. I don’t always love carting it around. However, it has come in handy when I’ve come across some beautiful sunsets and sunrises, amazing views, unique experiences and other things I could only really see when I’m out running.

*If you follow my Instagram, some of these will be a repeat of what you’ve seen…sorry 🙂 Here’s some of my favorite photos I’ve captured while running in Utah, California and Washington (September 2012-September 2013):

2012-09-25 13.33.39

2012-09-27 11.19.51 2012-09-25 19.37.282013-01-28 17.16.27 2013-02-06 20.59.56 2013-02-04 08.13.09 2013-02-04 08.17.18 2013-01-28 17.28.25


78792AB9-8804-44AB-BF22-E000D57F7B87 2013-04-28 12.08.49 2013-03-27 18.23.02 2013-05-26 19.23.27 2013-05-14 06.09.35 2013-06-13 11.44.212012-07-25 13.18.302013-05-06 18.16.14

2013-05-11 09.05.36 2013-05-14 06.09.35 2013-06-03 17.41.51 2013-06-16 22.32.07 2013-07-03 22.42.38 2013-07-10 21.01.21 2013-07-20 07.10.30 2013-08-01 21.48.45

2012-07-07 21.47.42

2011-08-02 09.55.58

photo[3] 2013-08-02 20.16.42 2013-08-03 08.47.45 2013-08-18 16.12.26 2013-08-31 06.30.50 2013-09-01 08.31.06

2013-09-02 06.49.30

558490_10100999436568079_506153695_n 2013-09-11 19.54.29

Good thing 2013 isn’t over yet! I’ve got a lot more runs, races and adventures to add to my folder and I can’t wait to see where my running shoes take me.


13 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday-Running Lens

      • Welcome, that had to be an amazing run. Looking over your blog I can tell you love running and seem to know a lot about it. I am trying to get back into running. I have some questions for you if you don’t mind me asking them?

      • Awesome! Thanks!

        First let me give you a little bit of my back story, and then my question/s will follow

        My senior year of college (2007) I started running and I loved it. In late 2008 I stared to train for a 5K I ran in early 2009. After the 5K I took about a month off, and then started running again. However, I did too much mileage too soon. I ended up pulling my ITBS band in both legs (mostly in my right leg), and I haven’t been able to do any sort of distance running since. It seems like my legs have never gotten completely right.
        I have started a 5 week workout routine to get my body back in shape, and one of my long term goals is to try to start running again. I do miss it and it did help me lose and keep weight off.

        I would appreciate any tips or advice for how I should try to get back into running.

        You can look over my blog and that may help give you an idea of the exercises I have been doing.

        Thanks again!!

      • Okay, I thought this over and feel like maybe I threw the kitchen sink at you. Let me ask you this one simple question.

        I have had ITBS/hip issues for a few years now, and was wondering if you thought a chiropractor or an orthopedic might be able to help with my issue/s?

      • Hmmm good questions. I promise that I wasn’t ignoring your others! What have you done to help the issue in the past? Physical therapy? Chiropractic work?

      • No worries. 🙂

        I have stopped running, and use a foam roller (but probably not as often as I should). This summer I had pain/stiffness/numbness in my leg, but most of my issues were in the hip, gluteus maximus, and even my lower back. I was having issues sleeping, so I got a couple of Deep Tissue Massages. They helped but I think as long as I have had this issue that something else will be the only way to fully address my problem.

      • Ok – I’m FINALLY back from town and just got to reading this. Have you been doing the stretches he gave you? Notice anything different?

      • Yes, I have been doing the stretches, sitting on the tennis ball, I have bought new shoes to work out and run in, I got some solid insoles, a heel lift for my left foot (my left leg is a little shorter than my right leg), and anything else the Chiropractor suggested or recommended. I started to feel a difference Sunday, and woke up and felt as good as I have in a couple of weeks. There is a little soreness and stiffness in my upper back on the left side, but once I get moving it goes away for the most part. The Chiropractor said more than likely what I feel is my back getting used to being in the correct alignment, which is normal.

        Thanks for taking the time to read over this and get back with me. I hope you had a good trip.

        Have a great day!!

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