Positively Great Words To Live By

Life is amazing, isn’t it? The ability to breathe, move your body, eat delicious food and make choices every single second about what you want to do and how you’ll live-all things directly impacting your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Everyone knows that practicing good health is crucial for your well-being. Every day, we’ve got some kind of routine filled with walking, running, biking, taking the stairs, eating healthy snacks, get a good nights rest and drink the proper amount of water. There’s one thing that I believe we forget to use daily; something I think is necessary to truly living a healthy life physically, mentally and emotionally – positive affirmations and/or positive reinforcement.

Think about it – how often do you sit and blame yourself for little things that go wrong. Little things that eventually turn to big things because you’ve kept that kernel inside of you, festering and building shame towards yourself for what happened. Not cool. Incorporating positive affirmations and little mantras into each day can help keep you centered, strengthen your inner peace, build your self esteem and focus on the good that is all around you (as well as inside of you).

Affirmations and mantras encourage emotional health. Which, in turn, will directly affect your physical and mental health! Positive reminders of who we are and what we’re capable of are just as beneficial to wellness as a bright outlook on external circumstances. In other words, we NEED these! Several times a day! So, here’s a few of my favorites (some old, some new) that I’ll start out my day with and continue reading till my head hits the pillow:

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Monday Motivation – Be Awesome

It’s Monday. Beginning of the week. Another chance to do all the things you fizzled out on last week. Time to wake up and be awesome. Let’s do this. 

Have this attitude EVERY SINGLE MORNING (and after naps). Trust it. Believe it. Live it.


Don’t let fear dictate what you do. Accentuate the positive. After all, you’ll never know till you try…you could be totally awesome.


Fall is coming quick! Don’t let the wind, rain and chilly temps keep you inside! Wanna be hard-core awesome? Train in colder months.


Remember the things you need in life…and the things you need to give your body. And that you need to love what you do. Giving love + receiving love = awesome.


Try new things! Take chances! If you’re going to mess up trying something different, own it and make it the best failed attempt EVER. There’s power in that, yo (Amy never lies…and she’s pretty awesome).


When it’s before your run or at mile 1, 7 or 22 – feel this awesome. Because you are. Boom.


Believe that you’re the best version of yourself. And you’ve caught a sweet case of awesomeness. Just don’t let it go too much to you’re head (remember, humility is also awesome…)


Now, go. Be awesome. Punch today in the face.


Lazy Sundays

It’s not exactly what it sounds like. Sundays are my “day off” from exercising – no running; no TRX; no circuits {sometimes a little yoga in the morning}. Still, as every athlete knows,  you never really have a day off. Every day is an opportunity to better yourself and your game in some form – endurance workouts, agility training, core & upper body strengthening. 

With all of that, you DO need to take “time off” or days that you let your body rest so that it can replenish natural energy stores and repair tissue breakdown that happens during your workout. 

Because of that, I totally recommend a “lazy” day…but not lazy as in you lie around and do nothing. Lazy as in you just don’t do 50 sets of stairs each time you drink a glass of water. Instead, allow your body that rest time to recoup and improve your mental tactics for game day or race day. Being mentally and emotionally stable/prepared for races is just as important as being physically prepared.

There will be times when you’ll push yourself a little too hard at first and you’ll need your mind to carry you through the last few miles. If your mind isn’t in the game or you loose it half way though…well, you’re screwed. For real. 

Go for a walk

Appreciate nature

Find the beauty around you

Read uplifting quotes and books

Stretch {roll out your muscles if you need to}

Take deep breaths

Throw any negative thoughts about yourself from the past week into a huge bin of toxic waste that you’ll never pull them back out of again

When you can find yourself – where you are mentally and where your heart truly lies – your training and performance will increase. I guarantee it. 

So, please, take a lazy day. Saturday, Sunday, Thursday – whenever. Take it. Make the absolute most of your time that you can. Because even though you’re not physically working out, you’re still giving yourself a hell of a head start — believe that you will perform well; train with that belief; know that you will perform well because you’ll be more prepared on a wholesome level. Always believe that something amazing is going to happen and that you’re a big part of it. It’ll show when you bring your A-game.