Positively Great Words To Live By

Life is amazing, isn’t it? The ability to breathe, move your body, eat delicious food and make choices every single second about what you want to do and how you’ll live-all things directly impacting your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Everyone knows that practicing good health is crucial for your well-being. Every day, we’ve got some kind of routine filled with walking, running, biking, taking the stairs, eating healthy snacks, get a good nights rest and drink the proper amount of water. There’s one thing that I believe we forget to use daily; something I think is necessary to truly living a healthy life physically, mentally and emotionally – positive affirmations and/or positive reinforcement.

Think about it – how often do you sit and blame yourself for little things that go wrong. Little things that eventually turn to big things because you’ve kept that kernel inside of you, festering and building shame towards yourself for what happened. Not cool. Incorporating positive affirmations and little mantras into each day can help keep you centered, strengthen your inner peace, build your self esteem and focus on the good that is all around you (as well as inside of you).

Affirmations and mantras encourage emotional health. Which, in turn, will directly affect your physical and mental health! Positive reminders of who we are and what we’re capable of are just as beneficial to wellness as a bright outlook on external circumstances. In other words, we NEED these! Several times a day! So, here’s a few of my favorites (some old, some new) that I’ll start out my day with and continue reading till my head hits the pillow:

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Guess what day it is…

We’ve all see the commercial, right? Clever to have the camel walking through the office, loving the fact that Wednesday is also called ‘Hump Day.’ 

Ever made it to the middle of the week and things just drag? Either things at work take forever, everything feels like it’s going wrong or the clock doesn’t seem to change time AT ALL. 

It’s the worst when that happens! How do you get over it? How do you get past the actual hump of Hump Day? 

What usually really helps me is a good run on a new trail with a new friend, or trying a new activity. Things I’ve done lately to mix things up are kayak, roller blade (yes, yes…the 90’s are comin’ back), paddle board, rock climb and play tag. Tag. Seriously-kids don’t have a hard time realizing that exercise can be (and should be) fun.

BUT what do you do when you’re in a meeting or at work and don’t have hours to spend on new adventures? Well, when I’m at work and I don’t have of time for a huge break, these are my go-to things that help boost my energy and help me make it through one more day at the desk. It literally takes 5 minutes. One of the key things is to disconnect from any/all electronics. Difficult and totally possible! Take a friend, don’t take your phone. Spend 5 minutes NOT looking at any kind of screen – definitely a challenge everyone should take. Harmless, easy and fun 🙂

**if I’m ever feeling stressed about anything, I’ll do these as well. Totally helps put things into focus**Image

Now get out there and punch today in the face!